Meet the Characters

Peaches Monroe

“Hey, big boy. My face is up here. Stop eye-groping my peaches.”

- Blonde, average height, curves that just won't quit.
- Loves reading, working at Peachtree Books.
- Bad habits include drunk internet shopping and being a smart-ass.
- Tries to keep her eyes open when it comes to love, but usually just runs away.

Dalton Deangelo

“Sleep with me. Join me in the darkness, walk through my dreams, and hold my hand in the morning light.”

- Black hair, smoldering green eyes, million-dollar smile, chin dimple.

- Has a secret past he wants to keep from the press.

- Great with kids, but has a taste for trespassing and pushing other people's buttons.


“Let's get you out of these wet clothes and into a shot of tequila. Or wine. We don’t have tequila, but we do have wine.”

- Curly dark hair, plenty of curve appeal, amber-gold eyes, devious sense of humor.

- Bad habits include secret smoking and dating the wrong guys.

- Loves Dalton's character on TV, but doesn't trust Dalton any further than she can throw him ... out the door.

Adrian Storm

“Looks like you've got the wrong size shirt. This one keeps trying to get away from you.”

- Has really filled out since high school, when he wore oversized black T-shirts and a lip ring.

- Is back in town to lick his wounds after making it big in business, then losing everything.

- Seems to think Peaches is wrong all the time, and he's right.

- Hangs out with Cujo, a retired police dog.

Keith Raven

“So, this your first shoot working with another model? Don’t be scared. I’m big and strong. Find something you like and grab on.”

- Drives a beat-up old green van for his part-time landscaping business.

- Is on the verge of his next big break in modeling, and also just coming off a bad breakup.


“Roommate disaster unfolding. Custom dress, wrong sequins, giant tantrum. Sorry, but I have to bail on sushi. Call me!”

- Swears off dating male models ... once a week or so.

- Calm in a crisis, but surprisingly adept at finding trouble.